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These one-of-a-kind works were created from natural white fabric (silk or cotton) that I have dyed using a variety of surface design techniques such as screen-printing, stenciling, stamping, mono-printing, dye discharge, resist dyeing and painting.

These are wholecloth pieces; they have a top sleeve, but no backing fabric. They can be displayed on a wall, or draped over a mantle, etc. Or they can be used to fashion a unique garment.

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September Song
hand-dyed silk
36" x 36"
Dusk Garden
silk/cotton; mono-printing, screen printing, hand painting
77" x 30"
Sun Garden
mono-printing, screen printing, hand painting. SOLD
21" x 80"
Garden Cycle I
silk broadcloth, fiber-reactive dye. screenprinted, painted. Not for Sale at present.
24" x 80"
Leaf Print x 8
cotton, fiber-reactive dye
art cloth: screenprinted, hand-dyed, red landscape grid
Cotton, fiber-reactive dye
screenprinted, stenciled, painted. 57" X 44" Not for Sale
art cloth: aerial grid, monoprinted, handpainted
Rayon, fiber-reactive dye
Monoprinted, handpainted. Not for Sale